Charlotte&George (registered trademark) is an online British – French fashion boutique for children, based in Paris. We offer you gorgeous quality clothing which is not easily available in your own country from both well-established and independent European designers. An absolute must for those who are looking for something fun, stylish or unique!

Aware that you can’t see us when you purchase from us, we will always try hard to humanise our relationship. Charlotte&George aim to provide a fun online shopping experience with excellent customer service and we hope you will always feel that we put all our heart into preparing your orders.

Founded by French-English husband & wife team, Charlotte&George is named after 2 very influential trend-setting children….read more to find out whom……

“Royal clothes at rock n roll prices!”


Charlotte&George are committed to providing original, gorgeous, quality clothing at reasonable prices.


“Royal clothes at rock n roll prices!”

In other words, our clothes should be fit for a Prince or Princess but should be accessible to everyone’s budget.


We sell a range of high-quality, attractive baby and children’s clothes. It was French friends & our early customers that suggested we sell British style clothing but we didn’t want to isolate all our customers, so we also source in France, Spain & other parts of Europe. If we deem something to be adorable, beautiful, fun, original or typically British or French AND affordable to our customers…we will stock it. We are interested in providing what our customers want. You will see that we sell a lot of highly decorative t-shirts and not many trousers or jeans. The reason behind this is that you can wear a gorgeous designer t-shirt with any pair of jeans. Everyone’s eyes will be on that top!


1. We bring you something different!

We are a British-French company, based in France. You will find original items that aren’t necessarily available in your town or country of residence. It really is a fantastic opportunity to dress your children so they stand out from the crowd or to find original items for everyday or for those special occasions.

2. There is something for everybody!

Our aim is to provide clothes affordable to most budgets. You will find some famous designer items amongst lower-priced, high-quality, little-known brands.

Our range of highly-decorative t-shirts for example, can be worn with jeans that your child already has in his or her wardrobe, without the need of buying a whole outfit.

3. Quality & Value for money

The products on our website are genuine brand products.

We choose the brands and make a commitment to guarantee you brands of an irreproachable quality. Choosing the designers and creating a trusting relationship with them is a lengthy process as designers are selected passionately and carefully to reflect our values, beliefs and working culture with the highest quality standards. Despite these high standards, we have done our utmost to keep our prices reasonable.

We are committed to providing accurate descriptions and images. If you have any questions, just contact us and we will be happy to help.

4. We offer you a personalised service

We will gladly help you find what you are looking for whether it be the right colour, size or item.

We will listen to your needs & bring you the brands & styles you want.

If you are ever dissatisfied with our service or product, or you have a query, recommendation or suggestion to make, please contact us via the Contact Us

We go that extra mile, offering a special collection & viewing service at our premises by advanced appointment.

5. We post quickly & use Tracked shipping

For orders placed before 13:00 (1pm) French time (midday UK time), we will post the same day.

The shipping of your order is safe and efficient. You will receive confirmation of the order, confirmation of dispatch and after dispatch, the order can be tracked upon request.

6. Free delivery from €69!

7. You can collect or arrange a private purchase!

We are based 18km south of Paris in Essonne (91160)

You can collect from us saving you money on postage; we operate flexible collection hours (weekends & evenings possible) – please contact us to pre-arrange this.

By pre-arranged, private arrangement you can come & see our stock when all other shops are closed. Please contact us.

8. The perfect gift!

If it’s newborn clothes or a baby gift you desire then check out our designer baby shop where we sell baby outfits. The kids clothing range we have is equally suited for special occasions and gifts. We also have a gift section in our shop where you will find some very original items.

Let us make your gift sparkle and shine with Charlotte&George’s custom gift wrap services. Our wrapping services are available for all gifts, small and large. We can even add a personalised message from you.

9. Safe shopping

We will try to do our best to make your shopping experience unique while ensuring that your online payment is perfectly safe and that your privacy is guaranteed.

Every time we receive an order, we use fraud checking systems as well as authentication processes before we fulfil it.

10. Brighten your day with a bit of humour!

Although we are a serious company, we hope to bring you a little bit of humour with our Charlotte&George characters.


Here's a clue:

(scroll down a bit)

This is their Great-Grandmother....

(scroll down a bit more)

(just a bit more....)

....Ooh look! Here they are! The little rascals!